Why hire a Professional Newborn Photographer

Timeless Newborn Photography by Bebe Newborn Photography.


I feel that it is so important to have professional photography of your newborn, not just to have high quality photos, but so you can preserve all of the little details.

As new parents we are so busy concentrating on our baby's well-being that its incredibly easy to forget about the small things.

Things that we will one day wonder about and try to remember, searching through our cell phones or ipads and computers for, never to find. Simple things, like the length of your baby's eyelashes, the pout of their lips, their tiny toes.

Details that a photographer looks for, because we know how important they are. A professional knows how to safely pose your baby in a flattering way to highlight all of their adorable features.

I have had parents approach me several months after the birth of their baby for photographs because they regret not scheduling a newborn session. You don't realize how important these photos are until you don't have them. When you book your newborn photography session with Bebe Newborn Photography, you can entrust me as your photographer to create beautiful high quality portraits that you can look back on fondly and cherish forever.

Maggie Keefe