The Newborn session of Xoliah

Well…. she was perfect in every single way, beautiful and her demeanor was fabulous.

I had a wonderful time during her session-I got to work with creams, greys and pinks, colours that I adore.

I hope you love the images.

Newborn Session Information | Calgary Newborn Photographer

The newborn session time is usually around 2- 3 hours (more or less), so please allocate this time for the shoot. This allows plenty of time to feed and settle to sleep. The ideal time for newborn photography is when the baby is between 5-14 days old. After 14 days of age they are not as curly and sleepy for those modern posed shots. Please contact me as early as possible in your pregnancy and I will tentatively book you in 7 days after your due date.

Newborn sessions are held at my home studio in Evergreen SW Calgary. I ask the parents to give the baby a good feed just before arrival so that they have a full belly and ready for a good sleep. Please put on a loose diaper so that no marks are left on the skin, and a sleeper which will be easy to remove when you arrive. It is best not to have other appointments on the day of the session to avoid disturbing your little one.

After a good feed and warm car ride they are likely to stay asleep when they arrive. The shooting space is nice and warm, the fan heater will be turned on/off as required. I use a white noise machine to help keep the baby asleep.

After each session I normally have a basket or two of washing, so please don’t worry if your new bundle has accidents over the blankets or wraps.

If you would like to be photographed with your baby during the session please let me know, as well as any particular props or poses that you love.