The newborn session of leonardo

It was a wet and cold Saturday morning, but Mr Leonardo definitely made a grey Saturday into a wonderful day.

Today Andrea assisted me, she is the owner of It’s always so nice to have an assistant, it helps to have an extra set of hands.

I used browns, creams and whites, colours he definitely suited well.

What I do:

I’m a maternity and newborn photographer. I spend my days photographing moms to be and little newborns.

I am incredibly confident in my work, mainly because I do it so often that I have a flow with each of my sessions.

How I make the session flow

I have a set list of poses I work through. If you feel like you’ve seen many of the sames poses on my website, you’d be correct. I stick with many of the tried and tested poses that document your little one perfectly. Because I photograph the same poses over and over, it means I am able to go through the session efficiently and make sure the session doesn’t go on for too long. Better for you and baby.

My studio

My studio is set up perfectly for newborn photography. I have everything I need to create sweet and perfect portraits of your newborn.

The studio’s temperature is set for 80 degrees, which means baby will be comfortable and be relaxed and hopefully sleep.

I have water, soft drinks and snacks for parents. Your comfort is important too.


My studio floors are cleaned with Cavicide - a hospital grade disinfectant. I have a hospital grade touchless hand sanitizer station to keep on top of hand hygiene.

All blankets and wraps that come into contact with each baby are washed after EVERY use-even if there were no accidents-they’ll still get washed.

Headband and hats are sprayed after use with an organic non toxic sanitizing spray.

I hope this gives a bit of insight with how my studio runs. I am incredibly proud of my work and how I run my little studio.

I can’t wait to meet you and your new little one soon.

Here are some images I hope you like.