My 1st newborn session of 2019-Baby Adrian!

Baby Adrian, you are so perfect-with your beautiful tiny feet and hands and little lips.

You were not very sleepy, but I got some beautiful images of you whilst you slept for 2.5 seconds ;) -I am so happy I photographed you today-I had a wonderful time figuring you out. I realized you do not like to be naked-you love mama with all your heart-she was the one who calmed you.

You loved your soother-and you adored being fed.

the first 30 minutes of a session, it’s me and your new bundle figuring each other out. Wrapped or naked, less warmth more warmth- rock to sleep ?

Once we get into a rhythm, the session becomes easier and that’s when we achieve the shots we/YOU adore.

I hope you love these images of Adrian-I think he is adorable!