Little Premie baby Newborn Session

Little Winona arrived into the world a few weeks early.

She weighed 4.5 lbs and had to spend some time in Nicu to put on some weight before she could go home.

It didn’t take too long before she piled on the weight needed and until she came home with her parents.

Winona slept through the entire session, it was wonderful.

I hope you enjoy these images of this sweet little girl.

Why You Should Book a Newborn Session in the First 10 Days

Tiny hands and eye lashes. Perfect details. -Capturing your new baby and their tiny features is my joy.

I know after delivery, your body is aching, you’re exhausted and the last thing you’re thinking about is taking your precious newborn out in the car to their first photo session. But soon, they’ll be grown and you’ll regret not documenting this fleeting moment of time, where your newborn is tiny and new.

Today I want to explain why as a newborn photographer, recommend you book your session within the first 14 days of their life. I see many babies each month, and while each newborn has a different personality, different weight and varying neck strengths, the one thing they have in common within those first 14 days is that they are SLEEPY. Anyone who has children will remember those first few days when bub would maybe cry a little, but as soon as they were fed, burped or cuddled, would generally fall into a deep sleep and then could be passed around to family and stay asleep.

Why the first 10 days?

When I run a newborn session, I generally have three to four different set ups, including a few different soft blankets over a posing beanbag, a few basket set ups and then family set ups. It sounds straightforward, and it can be, however if baby is a little older, generally past the two-week age, they are more alert, and really fight going to sleep in a different place on a different surface, no matter how soft and comfortable it is. This means the session runs a lot longer, we have to swaddle and rock baby to sleep, give multiple feeds, burping, and the sessions can take up to 3 hours, often without capturing the sleepy images the family really wanted.

So why should baby be asleep for their photos?

I love newborn eyes and when they are awake. There is something beautiful about capturing a photo when a baby is wide-awake and looking directly at the camera. In most cases, however, when a newborn is awake, they squirm and raise their little hands to their faces, kick out their legs, and they are generally unhappy, especially if they are undressed. This usually results in images where baby won’t stay in their pose, they are generally sucking their fists looking for a feed, or looking around and moving a lot. I keep the studio very warm and comfortable, with gentle warm air directly on baby and soft white noise, however when baby is older these tricks doesn’t work as well and baby generally wants to be dressed, swaddled and in Mom or Dad's arms.

I always tell my clients to book in advance if they can. That way they are prepared, we have a set date, and if baby arrives early or late, we can reschedule according to their age and how mum and dad are feeling. My studio is located in Evergreen SW Calgary.

So, if you are thinking about newborn photography, I definitely recommend booking prior to baby being born, and scheduling within those magical 14 days for sleepy, calm images where baby is happy to be moved around.

The result? Breathtaking images which will last a lifetime.

I love what I do, you will too!

Maggie-Bebe newborn Photography