Japji and her baby portrait session.

Thank you for visiting my blog. Here is a session I photographed today.

Japji, was perfect. Sleepy, content, curly and sweet.

Mom and Dad told me I had free rein on the colours I chose…so I chose them all!!

Beige, purple, blue, cream, pinks… I got so many sets ups, Jasvir and Jagmohan her parents will have a hard time choosing their favourites.

Baby Safety during your session

The safety and comfort of your newborn is of the upmost importance to me during your session Care is taken when timing your session to suit both you and your baby, so if something isn't quite right I am flexible and make sure you are both healthy and happy when you come to see me. During your session I take my time, I am gentle and relaxed with the posing and wrapping of your baby. I never push a baby into a pose they are not comfortable with, although I won't give up quickly if baby just needs a little burping or a gentle pat to settle into the pose. I always support the baby when in a position in which the baby could startle or move. Some of my photography may look as though it is photographed as you are seeing it, but this is simply down to some photoshop, and in fact the baby is always in a safe position being supported when necessary and close to the ground at all times.

I hope you enjoy these precious images from Japji’s Newborn session.