Baby Sarai - Little tiny sweetie

Monday Morning 3rd June 2019-baby Sarai came to my little home studio to have her first set of portraits done.

At 15 days old, she decided the beginning of the session that she’d prefer to be awake. After gentle rocking and feeding she eventually fell asleep.

Each session is different. Each little tiny human has their own distinct personality, it definitely keeps me on my toes and makes for an interesting session each and every time.

I adore what I do, Photographing tiny newborns, It fills me with so much joy. I really couldn’t imagine doing anything else than this.

Below are some images from the session that I hope you like :)

A bit about me and my business

There are definitely lots of newborn photographers in Calgary. There may be photographers who use more props during the session. Photographers who have just started photographing newborns, seasoned newborn photographers like myself who have been here since 2013- Each photographer is different in style/pricing and which area of the city they have their studio. It can be a hard finding the correct photographer for your family.

If you like what you see on my website, this is a great start. I consistently photograph this style of photography each and every session. Minimal props, focusing more on baby. I find sometimes too many props take away from your newborn and can become distracting.

I use professional lighting and camera equipment. I use 3 different lenses during my sessions - the Nikon 35 1.4 for the baby only section of the shoot 24-70 2.8 for the family and sibling session and the macro 105 2.8 for those wonderful detail shots of hands toes and lips.

The camera I use is the D850 which is 47.5 MP camera. I also have a back up camera the D750.

The lighting I use is the Paul Buff Einstein strobe with a large umbrella. I have this ALWAYS on the lowest setting. It is a very soft light that gives perfect lighting each and every time.

I use photoshop to edit each image. I NEVER batch edit images. Each image is hand edited.

I am also licensed and insured and have been a photographer since 2013.

My studio has everything here needed for beautiful portraits of your little one.

Thank you to all my clients thus far in 2019, I’m having a wonderful time with your new little one’s.

Email me for more information:

Maggie x