Baby Edison, sweet and sleepy

Once upon a time, there was a sweet little boy by the name of Edison who came to visit.

He was sweet and sleepy and all the things us newborn photographers love.

During the session I used lots of neutrals and some blues.

Here are some images I hope you enjoy!

newborn images.jpg

Some information about newborn photography

Before the Session

1. Scheduling

Compared to a child, family, or senior session – newborn is different right off the bat. Being that there is a small window of time to capture those perfect newborn poses, the photographer has to remain flexible date-wise because you don’t usually know when the baby is going to arrive.  This could be a challenge for photographers who like to have their calendar organized months in advance.  It is not uncommon for me to have to move things around at the last minute (even family obligations) to accommodate our precious newborn clients.


2. Session Preparation

Another step in the process that is significantly different is the pre-session prep.  For parents, I have a document on how they will prepare themselves, and their baby for the session.  For the photographer, pre-session prep is an even bigger deal.  After getting to know the client’s style preferences, I make sure I have all the wraps, props, and blankets I will need for their session.

The Newborn Session

3. Length & Pace

A typical newborn session lasts  anywhere from 2-4 hours.   The majority of the newborn session will involve either feeding, posing, cleaning up messes, or getting the baby to sleep.  It can sometimes take up to an hour just to get one image!  But patience is required and once you get the baby asleep and posed, you can get a lots of great images in a small  amount of time before you switch the pose/set-up and do it again.  When I first started, this slow pace really stressed me out – I would worry I wasn’t getting enough images or that I was doing something wrong.  Once you get used to the pace of newborn photography, it can be very fun and relaxing.




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